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Investing in Iraq's Future:

By helping Iraq and buying the New Iraqi Dinar, you are investing in the future economy of Iraq.

How does buying the New Iraqi Dinar help Iraq? Their new currency came out in October, 2003. People buying Dinar with Dollars have helped the the New Iraqi Dinar more than double in value since then. This has mainly been due to speculative buying. This means people who get paid in Dinar, like Iraqi government workers, police, and security forces can afford to buy more things they need and make being a lawful part of their new society more attractive. Prosperity in the new Iraqi democracy helps to promote liberty and democracy while eroding support for the terrorist insurgency.

By buying Dinar, you will also hold a stake in Iraq's future success.

The Dinar has long been a strong currency. Right now it is at a historically low rate. It is similiar to what happened in Japan and Germany after World War II. Their economies were shattered so you could buy up lots of their currency very cheaply. Once their economies got back on track, anyone who had taken advantage of that opportunity became extremely wealthy. The US Government has invested over 200 Billion Dollars in the future of Iraq so far. They have committed another 18 Billion Dollars in Reconstruction Aid. That is more than $2000 per US Household. Are you in a position to directly profit from that investment? You are if you buy Dinars.

Before Saddam came to power the Dinar was worth $3.30 PER DINAR

Speculators have been buying the New Iraqi Dinar up in the Billions. Even if the Dinar only returns to be worth $0.01 PER DINAR, that 1 Million Dinar would be worth $10,000.00 US. Many think it is likely to go much higher than even their old exchange rate once Iraq gets their oil production back up to full capacity.

There is no international exchange rate set for the New Iraqi Dinar yet, that is why you cannot go to a bank right now and get it. It is also what makes this opportunity possible! The only way you can get their new currency is to be in Iraq. We bring it in legally through connections with money brokers we have there. If Iraq's new government continues to progress and stay on their timetable, the international exchange rate should get set in 2006. Once the international exchange rate is set, you should be able to take your New Iraqi Dinar to many international banks or money exchangers here in the US and exchange it as you could do before.

As Iraq regains its economy and its people celebrate its recovery and prosperity, you will be able to celebrate with them as you will reap the rewards right along with them!


The further the value of the Dinar can rise in the short term, the more that Iraq and its people can do and buy for themselves now. This is an important step in build a successful democracy! Prosperity anywhere helps on many levels -


the only reason the Dinar is so cheap is their economy ground to a halt due to the war. Now many things in their economy have improved and they are increasing their crude oil exports monthly. The value of the Dinar will be directly linked to their economy. The biggest strengths to Iraq's economy is their oil exports. They have the second largest crude oil reserves in the world and the largest natural gas reserves in the world. They are also rebuilding their date palms (fruit) exports. They were the worlds largest exporters of date palms. Their oil exports have always overshadowed Iraq's date palm exports, but they used to export over $118 Million US Dollars worth of date palms per year.


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