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Dr. Cass Ingram

Adrenal weakness: Royal Kick, Royal Oil, Juice of Oregano, sea salt, oil of edible rosemary

Alzheimer's disease: Juice of Oregano, Oreganol sublingually, Oregacyn Memory

Arthritis: Oregamax capsules, Oregacyn, Royal Kick, BromaZyme

Asthma: Oreganol under the tongue, Oregacyn, Royal Kick

Attention deficit disorder: Oregamax crude wild oregano, Juice of Oregano, Royal Kick unprocessed

royal jelly

Autism: Juice of Oregano, Oreganol under the tongue or via gelcaps, Royal Kick unprocessed royal jelly,

Royal Oil sublingual royal jelly, oil of wild rosemary

Bell's palsy: SuperStrength Oreganol topically and under the tongue, Royal Kick, Resvitanol powder

Bladder disorders: Oreganol, Purple Power Drops, Oregacyn, Resvitanol powder

Blood clots: Resvitanol powder, BromaZyme, Oreganol superstrength topically, crude pumpkinseed oil

(Pumpkinol as a source of natural vitamin E)

Bronchitis: Oreganol, Juice of Oregano, Oregacyn

Cancer history: Juice of Oregano, Resvitanol, Oreganol oil of wild oregano, Gene's Wild Greens,

BromaZyme enzyme complex

Candida: Oreganol, Oregacyn

Cardiomyopathy (enlarged heart): Oregacyn, Juice of Oregano, Nuke Protect, Resvitanol powder

Carpal tunnel syndrome: Oreganol rubbed on area, ThyroKelp to balance thyroid, Royal Kick, Nutri-

Sense for natural B-vitamins

Colds/flu: Oreganol under the tongue, Oregacyn

Celiac disease: Oregamax, BromaZyme, Oreganol, Gene's Wild Greens, NutriSense

Cellulite: Oreganol superstrength, BromaZyme, Oregulin

Colitis: Oregamax, BromaZyme, oil of edible fennel

Cough: Oregacyn, Oreganol, Juice of Oregano

Crohn's disease: Oreganol oil of wild oregano, oil of edible fennel, Juice of Oregano, Wild Oregano


Diarrhea: wild oregano or dandelion honey, Juice of Oregano, Oregacyn, Oreganol under the tongue,


Digestive disturbances: Oregamax, HerbSorb, BromaZyme, wild honeys (wild oregano or dandelion)

Depression: Oregacyn Memory, Juice of Rosemary, Royal Kick

Diverticulitis: Oregamax, BromaZyme, and wild oregano honey

Drug toxicity: Nuke Protect, Oregacyn Liver, Gene's Wild Greens

Ear infections: Oreganol under the tongue, Oregacyn

Excessive weight: Oregulin blood sugar regulating spice extract, BromaZyme enzyme control,

ThyroKelp fat burner

Gallstones or gallbladder disorders: Oregacyn Liver, Gene's Wild Greens, oil of edible fennel,


GERD: Oregamax capsules, HerbSorb, oil of edible fennel, oil of edible ginger

Gum disease: Oreganol rubbed topically or put on the toothpaste. Also, taken under the tongue. Also, for

teeth and bone sockets Oregamax.

Hair loss: Scalp Clenz (rubbed topically), ThyroKelp, Oreganol, Gene's Wild Greens

Heart disease: Resvitanol powder or capsules, BromaZyme (to cleanse the interior of arteries),

Oregamax capsules

Hepatitis: Oregacyn Liver, Oreganol oil under the tongue, Juice of Oregano

Herpes: Oreganol, Oregacyn, Royal Kick

High blood pressure: Resvitanol crude red grape powder or capsules, Oregamax, Purple Power Drops

(for fluid retention)

Hip pain: Oregamax, SuperStrength oil of oregano, BromaZyme, Flavin-C (bioflavonoid formula)

Hives: Oreganol, Oregacyn, Royal Kick, Nuke Protect

Impotence: Pumpkinol, Royal Kick, Royal Oil, Gene's Wild Greens

Infertility: Royal Kick, Royal Oil, Oreganol, Pumpkinol, Gene's Wild Greens

Itchy skin: Oreganol, Oregacyn, Nuke Protect

Kidney disorders: Resvitanol powder, Oreganol, Oregamax

Kidney stones: Resvitanol powder, Oregamax, Oreganol, Purple Power drops

Leg cramps: Oregamax capsules, Royal Kick, Resvitanol powder

Lyme disease: Oreganol under the tongue, Oregacyn, Juice of Oregano, Royal Kick, Nuke Protect

Memory loss: Juice of Rosemary, Oregacyn Memory-Mind, Juice of Oregano

Melanoma preventive: Juice of Oregano, Oreganol, Nuke Protect, Royal Kick, Resvitanol powder

Nasal polyps: Oregacyn, Oreganol, vitamin A, Nuke Protect

Nausea: oil of edible ginger, oil of edible fennel, HerbSorb

Osteoporosis: Oregamax, Oreganol, Hercules Strength

Pancreatitis: Juice of Oregano, Oregamax, Oregulin, BromaZyme

Panic attacks: Royal Kick, Royal Oil, Essence of Orange Blossom, Oregacyn Memory-Mind

Ovarian disorders: Juice of Rosemary, Juice of Oregano, BromaZyme, Royal Kick, Royal Oil

Parasites: Intesti-Clenz, Oregacyn Liver, Gene's Wild Greens

Parkinson's disease: Juice of Rosemary, Essence of Orange Blossom, Oregacyn Memory, Oreganol

Pregnancy (need more nutrition): Nutri-Sense, Resvitanol, Royal Kick, Oregamax

PMS: ThyroKelp, Oreganol, Royal Kick, BromaZyme (for cramps)

Prostate problems: Pumpkinol, ProstaClenz, Oreganol, Purple Power Drops

Radiation damage/toxicity: Nuke Protect, Oreganol, Resvitanol powder

Restless leg syndrome: Royal Kick, Oregamax

Ringworm: Oreganol topically, Oreganol cream topically, Oregacyn internally, Oreganol oil under the


Sinusitis: Oregacyn respiratory, Oreganol under the tongue

Skin cancer or precancerous lesions: see your doctor. For natural benefits rub the SuperStrength on

any region or saturate a piece of cotton and tape against it. Take the Oreganol under the tongue

(SuperStrength is preferable). Take also the Nuke Protect.

Shingles: Oreganol superstrength, Oreganol under the tongue, Oregacyn, Juice of Oregano, Royal Kick,

Nuke Protect

Swollen legs/ankles: Resvitanol powder, Gene's Wild Greens, Royal Kick, Oreganol (applied topically),

Purple Power Drops

Stomach ulcers: Oregamax capsules, oil of edible ginger, HerbSorb, BromaZyme

Thyroid disorders: ThyroKelp, Nuke Protect, Oregamax

Tinnitus: Oil of Juniper, Oreganol sublingually, Royal Kick

Toxic colon: Gene's Wild Greens, Wild Oregano Honey, Wild Dandelion Honey, Juice of Oregano,

Oregamax, Nuke Protect

Trigeminal neuralgia: SuperStrength oil of oregano topically and under the tongue, Oregacyn capsules


Tuberculosis: Juice of Oregano, Oregacyn, Nutri-Sense, Gene's Wild Greens

Vagintis: oil of myrtle and bay leaf intravaginally, Oreganol under the tongue

Warts: SuperStrength internally or under the tongue and topically by saturating a piece of cotton and

taping it against the region twice daily

Standard dosages for key items (you can always take more, if needed):

Oreganol under the tongue: 3 to 5 drops twice daily

Oreganol gelcaps: 1 or 2 twice daily

Oregacyn: 1 or 2 twice daily with meals or juice

Oregamax: 2 or 3 twice daily

Juice of Oregano: 1/2 to 1 oz. twice daily

Resvitanol powder: tsp. twice daily

Resvitanol capsules: 2 or 3 capsules twice daily

Royal Kick: 2 to 4 capsules in the a.m.

ThyroKelp: 3 capsules twice daily

NutriSense: three tablespoons daily

BromaZyme: 3 capsules on empty stomach twice daily

Oregacyn Liver: 3 capsules twice daily

Oregacyn Memory: 3 capsules twice daily

Flavin-C: 3 capsules twice daily



Usage Guide for Wild Oregano Oil


  • Upper Respiratory tract conditions: Take 2 or 3 drops sublingually three times a day. Also take 3 to 5 drops twice a day in juice or water.
  • Lower long or pneumatic conditions: Take 3 to 5 drops sublingually three times a day. Take also 3 to 5 drops three times a day in juice or water. Also, at night rub a few drops onto the chest and on the soles of the feet.
  • Asthma: Take 3 to 5 drops twice a day under the tongue. Also take 2 or 3 Oregamax wild oregano capsules a day.
  • Inhalant allergies: Take 2 to 3 drops as often as necessary sublingually. Also take 2 Oregamax capsules twice a day.
  • Low blood pressure: Take 2 or 3 capsules twice a day sublingually. Also, take 3 Oregamax capsules twice a day
  • Stomach disorders: Take 2-5 drops twice a day in juice or water. Also, take 3 Oregamax caps twice a day.
  • Irritable bowel syndrome: Take 2 or 3 drops twice a day sublingually plus 3 to 5 drops twice a day in juice or water. Take 3 Oregamax caps twice a day.
  • Diarrhea/constipation: Take 5 drops three times a day in juice or water. Also take 3 drops under the tongue twice or more often daily.
  • Bladder disorders: Take 5 drops three times a day in juice or water plus 2 drops 3 times a day sublingually.
  • Psoriasis/Eczema: Take 10 or more drops three times a day in juice or water. For tough conditions use Extra Strength, 20 or more drops three times a day. (You can fill a gelatin capsule and take three times a day; this is the same dosage.)


  • Toothaches/oral lesions: Apply directly to involved region as often as needed.
  • Athlete's foot/ ringworm: Apply directly to involved areas twice a day.
  • Seborrhea: Apply to involved areas gently. Take also internally, 5 drops twice a day.
  • Sunburn: Rub on involved region.
  • Rash or hives: Rub on involved region twice or more daily.
  • Psoriasis or eczema: Use internally primarily for adults. In children, apply small amount to the lesions once or twice a day.
  • Warts: Saturate a cotton ball and apply to wart with paper tape. Repeat twice daily. Also, take the oil internally, 5 or more drops twice a day

Note: Use only the edible type of oil of oregano emulsified in olive oil. Product not designed to cure any medical conditions.

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